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Premier Awards Ceremony in Los Angeles held at Unici Casa Event Space

Welcome to Unici Casa! Located in the heart of Culver City, take a stroll down our beautifully lit driveway as you prepare for a fun-filled night full of unique experiences.

Step inside our art gallery / reception space as you mingle with the other guests awaiting for the ceremony to start.

Settle in and get comfortable as the awards ceremony takes place and a delicious dinner is served right to your seat. With our five projectors placed around the space, you should have no problem viewing the presentation while you sip on your glass of wine and hope your name is called!

Head back outside to Piazza Unici for an after-party cocktail hour. Chat and hang out in our chaise-filled lounge, accommodated by heaters for your comfort.

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01 de jan. de 2019

i’m trying to get in touch with you, i lost my phone, please contact me asap.

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